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submissions100's Journal

submissions 100 ;; an icon claim challenge.
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★★ T H E     B A S I C S ★★

welcome to submissions100!! like a million others, this is a 100 icons challenge community, only this time - for wrestling. any era, any company, any gimmick.

so what is a 100 icons challenge? i'll explain. you claim a subject by commenting on this post. once you're acknowledged and added to the claims list, it's your job to make 100 icons of your subject. simple, yeah? it's fun. when you complete it, you'll get a shiny banner. who could want more?? you don't need to be great at graphics to participate; you're encouraged to take a shot regardless of how great you are. have fun with it - that is the whole idea of the community, after all.

★★ T H E     R U L E S ★★

★ first of all - be nice. we all learned that back in kindergarten, so don't be an asshole. if you don't like someone's icons or their subject - keep your mouth shut and don't be a smark. if you keep screwing around you'll be banned after a few times. we have little tolerance for bitches. okay? good.

★ this community is for wrestling and wrestlers. wrestlers have gone onto acting in several cases and we understand that. just remember that this is primarily a wrestling community so that 100 icons of dwayne johnson in walking tall might not be as appropriate as 100 icons of him being the rock. a few promo shots? no big. a few movie stills? still not a big deal. the whole acting career of dwayne johnson? better suited elsewhere.

★ you may claim four subjects at a time. i'd prefer to keep things fair and not let one claim two members of the exact same tag team, see laycool (simply flawless?) being a stable and someone claiming both michelle mccool and layla el. i assure of you, there's plenty of chances to claim subjects and all without needing to do that!

★ at one time, the allowed time to complete a subject was two months. while i will not moderate this as firmly, please get your claims done in a timely fashion. this way, everyone gets a chance to eventually claim their heart's desire.

★ only one claim can be made for each subject at a time, though the subject is free again once the other person has completed their challenge. click here to see the claims list or make your own claim. if your subject is already claimed, check out the waiting list and get first dibs when that claim is finished.

★ if you claim a tag team, couple or stable? you must remember to include every member of this tag team, stable or couple in every icon. it's what makes it a challenge! this can be done through any means however, even manipulation.

★ you can post your icons in as big a batch or as small a batch as you wish. posting three at a time is a bit silly, but anything past ten? that should count, right?

★ if your posts contain more than three icons, please use a cut tag. please post only "worksafe" icons outside the cut tag. this means no nudity, cursing or excessive blood. this is just to be fair to our viewers. if your icons contain any of these things, a warning is especially considerate.

★ the point of submissions100 is that it is a challenge community. don't come here and claim to have made 100 icons specifically for this challenge only to really have made them five months ago. new icons are the way to go.

★ try to use this format when you post:
warnings/disclaimers: [if they apply]
credit: [for sources of brushes, bases, pictures, etc.]
notes: [if you have anything to add, if you want to state conditions of using icons, stuff like that]

★ if you're doing more than one subject at once, use separate posts for each. this allows me to tag your posts accordingly.

★ when your challenge is complete, leave a comment here so that your subject can be freed up and so that you get a pretty banner for all the work that you've put into this challenge.

★ if you want to be on the waiting list for a wrestler, details and list are located here. waiting list claims are accepted in the order they were received.

★ just because this community is named submissions100 doesn't mean that 100 is all you're allowed to claim. you can claim 50, 100 or 250 icons of any given subject. some of our more adventurous makers are willing to take on bigger challenges, not everyone is. this should be enough of a sliding scale to represent most makers.

★★ C O M M U N I T Y     L I N K S ★★ some useful places concerning the community....

claims list
completed challenges
waiting list

★★ A F F I L I A T E S ★★

icon contests, lim's, etc.

graphical communities.


wrestling related.

★★ if you'd like to be an affiliate, comment here and we'll set it up. ^.^

that about covers it! good luck and have fun! ♥!! ps, if you need anything? do not hesitate to contact the moderator's account, which can be found via glamnation.